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Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Tools to Have

Here are some tools I could no longer live without.  They just make cooking easier and help to save on effort and time.  The ones indicated are not too expensive and worth the investment.

'Corn' or Scraper
This is called a ''corne'' in French - but not sure about the English name.
I use it to scoop up chopped ingredients and transfer them to a bowl
 or pan, to scrape out batter from a bowl, to clean the cutting board
(when making dough), etc.
 Really useful!  

I no longer use measuring cups very often.
This is much easier and no clean up.
 Just add each ingredient directly to the pot
or bowl that's on the scale
and bring the scale back to 0.  It is
 important to get one that measure grams and
ounces for North American recipes.
Vegetable Press
This makes the best purées - and the perfect
texture for mashed potatoes!  A pain to clean but well
worth the extra effort required.  Just perfect pureed veggies
every time.
Japanese Mandolin
You don't need to spend lots of money on a mandolin.
This one was about 40 $ and works great.  You can
adjust the thickness and comes with attachments to
julienne or cut strips.  Very sharp!✄
Ridged vegetable peeler
This is my all time favorite tool.
Because of the ridged edges, it is really sharp and enables you to peel fruit
and vegetables with really thin skin - tomatoes, peppers, kiwi, etc.

Julienne Mandolin - This saves a lot of work and time when
making thinly sliced veggies - I use it to make fried carrots to
garnish a dish.