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Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Bite Cherry Tomotoes with Baby Mozarella and Fresh Basil

This is any easy one and is great as an appetizer because its easy to eat.  No cooking involved, but just putting together some fresh, good quality ingredients.

You will need: 

  1. Cherry tomatoes, washed;
  2. Baby mozzarella balls, drained;
  3. Fresh basil, washed and dried;
  4. Balsamic glazeyou can buy this or make your own by reducing balsamic vinegar on a low heat until it becomes thicker - you can 'infuse' it with a vanilla bean or dried figs for added interest;
  5. Good quality olive oil;
  6. Salt, pepper;   if you can find smoked salt, this would add another interesting flavor component to the bite!

  • Cut a small slice off the bottom of the cherry tomato to enable it to sit on the plate without rolling;
  • Cut the tomato in half and place a large basil leave on it;
  • Add a drop of olive oil and balsamic glaze to he bottom section of the tomato and basil;
  • Season with salt and pepper, or smoked salt if you have;
  • Pierce the top of the tomato with a toothpick and use it to hold the mozzarella ball;
  • Season the mozzarella ball with salt;
  • Finally pierce the toothpick into the bottom half of the tomato;
  • Taste test one bite to make sure the seasoning is right.