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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Québec Maritime and Gaspé Region - Terroir and People

Roché Percé - Gaspésie

It has been almost 2 years since we returned to our native Québec - time flies!

Our time in Europe was nothing short of fabulous - and we learned so much about ourselves as a family and individuals.

It took some courage to leave what we knew and loved and venture off into different cultures and ways of life that we were unfamiliar with and were told - could be difficult.   To visit a country on vacation is one thing, but to live there is something else entirely.  Although, there were a few times that proved to be a little challenging, the many good/great moments far outweighed the few bad ones.  

It was a time of growth, learning about who we are (and are not) and because of  this wonderful opportunity, our outlook on life has been dramatically changed forever.  When completely immersed in a new culture, you quickly learn that deep down, people are the same everywhere.  The way you treat them is the way you will be treated back and whether you see the good or the bad (that exists everywhere) is entirely up to you! When you are genuinely interested in who they are, they will always joyfully and passionately share of themselves and you will, in turn, be that much richer!

We all miss Europe so much but being back home to Montreal (with our new outlook) is wonderful.  One of the things that has amazed us the most since our return is how rich the food culture is here (it probably always was but we could not see it).  

So, in an effort to learn more about Québec gastronomy and terroir, we are off on the Road Trip of 2014.  Our goal:  learn about the Québec maritime region -its people, their way of life and how they cultivate and prepare the wonderful offerings of this beautiful landscape.   

Our itinerary:  

North shore of the St-Laurence:  Quebec CityÎle d'OrléansBaie St-Paul and Charlevoix Region, Tadoussac, Forestville to  (south shore of the St-Laurence) Rimouski, Le Bic, Matane, and down toward the Baie des chaleurs - the rest is not planned and we will go at it serendipitously.  

We are so looking forward to this and hope our outlook of this place we call home will expand even more!

Road Trip 2014 Map - Quebec Maritime and Gaspé Region

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