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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Easy, No Fail, Poached Eggs

Inspiration:  Julia Child's recipe - the best!

Poached Eggs:  makes 4
  • 4 very fresh, large eggs
  • salt and pepper
I have just recently discovered Julia Child's technique for cooking the perfect poached egg and I have to admit it is amazing.  Much easier than what I have traditionally done (swirling water and vinegar) and it allows you to cook many eggs at one time in one pot.  This method helps the whites adhere to the yolks to form a nice uniform shape.  

How to make them:

Start by piercing a small hole in the tip of the egg (either end will work) with a safety pin.  This is very easy to do and relieves the pressure so the egg does not crack when it is immersed in boiling water.  

Bring a pot of water (enough to cover 4 eggs) to a rolling boil. Gently place the eggs in the water and cook for 20 seconds.  Remove and allow to cool for about one minute so you can handle them.

Lower the heat on the water until the water reaches a low boil or simmer.  Crack the eggs into a ramekin one at a time and lower gently into the simmering water.  Play with the heat of the burner to maintain the simmer in order to cook the eggs (adding the eggs will lower the temperature of the water).  Cook each egg for 2 - 3 minutes and remove with a slotted spoon onto a clean dish cloth.  Season with salt an pepper.

The eggs can be made ahead and gently lowered back into hot water to heat when you are ready to serve.  Just repeat the dish towel process to remove excess water. 


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